STA Diploma Part 1

STA Diploma Part 1 Examination 4 March 2024

STA Diploma Part 1 Exam
STA Diploma Part 1 Examination

With effect from January 2013, in order to gain the STA Diploma qualification, candidates will need to have passed both the STA Diploma Part 1 and Part 2 examinations. The Part 1 examination is a multiple choice 120 question examination, which lasts 2 hours and which examines the Diploma syllabus on a definitional basis. The examination can be combined with either the STA Diploma Part 1 Course or the STA Diploma Part 2 Course or sat as a standalone examination.

Passing the STA Diploma Part 1 examination gives exemption from the IFTA CFTe I examination.

Exams are currently held online with online invigilation. We use a combination of Zoom and proprietary software for this and have now successfully held many sets of examinations using these methods.

Deadline for applications to sit the examination is 6 February 2024

All bookings are subject to the Terms and Conditions here

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